Hybrid teaching from May 4

Dear academic teachers, PhD students and students, As the epidemic situation is improving and the schedule of reopening the economy has been implemented by the government, from May 4, I am restoring the possibility of partial face-to-face teaching...

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SGGW People

Joanna Wyleżałek

Dr hab., Professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

MEiN was appointed by dr hab. Joanna Wyleżałek, prof. WULS-SGGW to act as a disciplinary spokesperson

Jarosław Olszewski

Chairman of the KRD

New authorities of the National Representation of Doctoral Students

Magdalena Król

Prof. dr hab.

Crystal Brussels Sprouts Award for prof. Król

Jarosław Eliasz


The best trophy is fun to play

Krystyna Gutkowska

Prof. dr hab.

Diet and prevention as a chance in the fight against civilization diseases

Andrzej Szmalc


Andrzej Szmalc appointed Rector's Plenipotentiary for Cooperation with the Economy