Dear Academic Community of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Dear Employees, PhD students and students, thank you very much for the trust you have placed in me by entrusting me with the honorable function of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – the best agricultural and natural science university in Poland.

It is a great honor for me and at the same time a challenge that I take up with full awareness and responsibility. I am aware of the enormous amount of work and duties that are associated with serving as a rector, especially in the period in which we operate. We are in the process of implementing changes and improving institutional and legal solutions related to the introduction of Act 2.0. There is a pandemic that has completely changed the way we operate. The environment of the University and the expectations of external stakeholders are changing. Competition in didactics, science and implementation is growing significantly. The future is uncertain and raises a lot of excitement among staff, PhD students and students. In such conditions, it is even more important to work together and involve the entire academic community, regardless of the position held, the title or academic degree held, the type of work performed or the field of study. The effort made by all employees of the University – both the research and teaching staff and the administration guarantees further dynamic development of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and despite the difficult situation allows us to look with optimism into the future. Therefore, the slogan that will accompany me every day at work will be: “ SGGW – our Alma Mater “.

Our Alma Mater is not only a place to work or study, but also a vital part of our lives. Here we work out decisions for a better today and a modern, safe tomorrow. I would like it to be a second home for all of us – a place where we talk, where we try to understand each other, where we support each other and, finally, a place where we are proud. So proud to say with my head held high and clearly: I am from SGGW!

I have been lucky for over three decades to feel a patriot of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, to be proud of its potential, achievements and position. For my part, I offer several years of experience resulting from participation in the management of the University at various levels. I had the opportunity to get to know her comprehensively and take part in making decisions important for the School. The contacts made in recent years in academic circles, both at home and abroad, give us all the opportunity to work together and share our experience. As a scientist, I am the manager or coordinator of many national and foreign grants, so I know the problems related to conducting research. I spent over 3 years abroad on a research internship, hence I appreciate the role of academic mobility, especially in the development of staff.

As the Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, I would like to cooperate with all those for whom our University is important. I declare my readiness and openness to talk about important and difficult topics. I can listen and use the experience of my colleagues. I am a supporter of teamwork that activates the competences of many people. That is why I count on your support, experience, energy and enthusiasm. I hope you will share with me the vision of the future of our Alma Mater. I am open to new ideas, initiatives and dialogue. As Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, I would like to lead the University towards dynamic and safe development.

It is obvious to me that the coming years, especially due to the challenges we face, are the time to invest in people. Investments aimed at stimulating our dormant abilities and talents, as well as inspiring us to act and comprehensive cooperation. I count on your help in this. Together, let’s create conditions in our Alma Mater in which every employee, PhD student or student will find a place to achieve professional, scientific, didactic, popularizing and implementation goals. I will support all those who want to develop our University, in which each member of the community is an equally important part of it, necessary for the functioning of the whole. I dream of WULS-SGGW, in which the basis of its operation is comprehensive dialogue and mutual respect. I am convinced that if each of us makes at least one step forward, as a family of SGGW we will become undisputed leaders life sciences at home and abroad.

Rector of SGGW

Prof. dr hab. Michael Zasada