Prof. dr hab. Hazem M. Kalaji among the top three scientists in Poland

Professor Piotr Latocha conducts research on developing innovative technology for sorting mini-kiwifruit.

NCN grant in the Preludium BIS 3 competition for dr hab. Dorota Zielińska

A new technological solution for Sour Beer Production

SGGW Scientists from the Institute of Animal Sciences help the European bison restitution

Water in the reconstructed marsh is worth up to 60 million euros a year

SGGW Biologists investigate the effect of canavanine on cell metabolism

Scientists from the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, carried out important research on animal viruses

A team of SGGW researchers has developed a breakthrough technology for the production of food products with controlled allergenicity

The Mediterranean diet is considered to be an exemplary way of eating. Scientists and researchers from SGGW confirm the fact, but under some important conditions.