Erasmus+ for students - third countries not associated with the programme / outside the EU


spring: 1.4-24.6.2021

fall: 15.11-20.12.2021 (only for incoming students)

additional fall: 18- 25.01.2022 (only for incoming students)

Rules of the Erasmus+ academic mobility outside the EU (KA107)



Partner universities

Information for participants

  • General mobility terms and conditions

    In order to apply for the Erasmus+ mobility, candidates are required to:

    • have an active student status in one of the partner universities
    • have completed the first year of undergraduate studies at sending institution
    • have a “mobility capital” not exceeded – 12 months in first-cycle (BSc), second-cycle (MSc) and doctoral studies, 24 months in uniform master’s studies
    • have the required level of knowledge of an appropriate foreign language, allowing the implementation of the study program.

    Mobility can only be carried out at the universities with which SGGW signed an interinstitutional agreement on student exchange.

    The purpose of the mobility is completion of the agreed study program.

    Mobility program can take the form of: personal/ online or mixed participation. Form of mobility must be approved by the three parties (participant, sending institution, receiving institution) and confirmed in writing.

    Before mobility, students are required to agree study program at the partner university (“Learning Agreement” form). Mobility program must be approved by the three parties (participant, sending institution, receiving institution) and confirmed in writing.

  • Selection procedure

    The application must be submitted online through a dedicated platform. The application form and the required documents must be prepared in English. Only complete applications submitted within the recruitment period will be considered.

    Main call: October-December

    Follow-up call: April-June

    The eligibility criteria and a detailed description of the recruitment are described in the Rules of the Erasmus+ mobility.

  • Organisation of student mobility

    The minimum duration of mobility for studies is 3 months (90 days).

    In order to settle mobility, it is mandatory to obtain confirmation of the completion of the study program with the determination of the mobility form (personal participation / online / mixed) and transcript of records.

  • Terms of payment and settlement of grants

    Mobility period, the amount of grant and the terms of payment are determined in the grant agreement signed between the participant and SGGW.

    The amount of sussistence allowance will be calculated by multiplying the number of months of mobility covered by the Erasmus+ funding by the monthly rate. For incomplete months, EU funding under the Erasmus+ Program is calculated by multiplying the number of days in less than one month by 1/30 of the unit cost per month. In addition, participant receives a travel grant to cover travel expenses – the allocated amount is based on distance  using the distance calculator.

    Erasmus+ funding will be transferred to the participant no later than (which is the case earlier): 30 calendar days after the signing of the contract by both parties or from the date of commencement of mobility in the amount of 70% of the calculated amount of individual support and travel support.

    Submitting an EU survey (a link made available to the participant’s indicated email address) is regarded as a participant’s request for payment of the remaining amount. The institution shall pay the remaining amount after the participant has submitted the EU survey. The due date will be specified in the grant agreement.

    The mobility participant is obliged to have adequate insurance. The minimum coverage covers basic health insurance and accident insurance. The participant covers the costs of insurance for the entire period of academic mobility and is obliged to read the conditions of insurance. The participant is aware of issues related to health insurance, especially in case of need to return home and required medical interventions (additional OC insurance is suggested). It is recommended to register the trip on the Service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Odyseusz (outgoing participants).

Information for incoming students

  • Welcome Information Package: legal stay, accomodation, insurance, mentoring program

  • Grading system

    Grading is based on a scale ranging from 2 to 5. The passing grade is 3. The relationship between the grading system of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW and that of ECTS is the following:


    ECTS grade



    5 or bdb


    Very good


    4+ or db+


    Good plus


    4 or db




    3+ or dst+




    3 or dst




    2 or ndst







    ECTS credits: 1 full academic year = 60ECTS; 1 semester = 30ECTS

Erasmus+ in 3 steps

  • 1 STEP


    1. read carefully Rules of the Erasmus+ mobility

    2. review the list of partner universities and their didactic offer

    3. take part in the recruitment process:

    • collect required documents
    • submit an online application

    4. after the results have been announced:

    • make sure the learning agreement is signed trilaterally
    • prepare an departure form according to the shared design (applicable to SGGW candidates)
    • sign a grant agreement at SGGW
    • apply for a visa (if applicable)
    • purchase flight tickets and insurance policy
    • register your trip at the Service of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Odyseusz (applicable to SGGW candidates)
  • 2 STEP


    • notify you of changes to the study program up to one month after the start of the semester
    • at the end of the mobility period, obtain confirmation of the completion of the didactic / training program with the determination of the mobility form (personal participation / online / mixed)
    • complete the EU survey (link made available to the participant’s e-mail address)
  • 3 STEP


    • provide confirmation of the completion of the study program with the determination of the mobility form (personal participation / online / mixed) and transcript of records
    • prepare a brief description of the mobility to share your experience
    • sign the financial settlement form at SGGW


  • Erasmus+ Team Partners Countries / outside the EU

    International Relations Office

    Building 8, room 18/20

    Ewelina Belkiewicz / Małgorzata Szczęsna

    +48 22 5931045/46