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  • Diet for maintenance

    The allowance during the foreign trip is intended to cover the cost of food and other minor expenses and is entitled to the amount applicable to the destination country of departure.

    The time of foreign travel shall be counted for travel by means of communication:

    • from crossing the Polish border on the way abroad to crossing the Polish border on the way back to the country,
    • from the take-off of the aircraft from the last airport in the country to the landing on the way back at the first airport in the country,
    • from the exit of the ship/ferry from the Polish port to the ship/ferry entry on the way back to the Polish port.

    A full-time allowance is available for each full day of travel.

    In the case of an incomplete day of receivables, the following shall be calculated:

    • up to 8 hours are entitled to 1/3 of the diet
    • more than 8 to 12 hours are entitled to 50 % of the
    • more than 12 hours are entitled to a full allowance of

    For a person who has been provided free of charge during a foreign trip, the allowance shall be reduced by:

    • 15% when it’s breakfast

    • 30% when it’s dinner

    • 30% when it’s dinner.

  • Commuting diet

    This is a lump sum intended to cover the cost of travel to/from the train, bus, airport or sea station, in the amount of one allowance in the destination destination abroad and in any other place where the departing person has enjoyed accommodation.

  • Communication diet

    This is a lump sum to cover the cost of commuting by local transport in the amount of 10% of the allowance for the start of the night stay on the trip.

    Commuting allowances and transport allowances are not eligible if:

    • you are travelling by business or private car

    • The departing agent is provided with free travel,

    • the delegate does not bear the costs for which the above-referred lump sums are intended to be

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