Inviting guests from abroad



  • What to do to invite a foreign guest to SGGW?

    At least 2 weeks before the arrival of the guests, submit a completed application/invitation form to the International Relations Office or send it via the EZD system. The document needs to be signed by the applicant, the Head of the Department and the Director of the Institute.

  • How to get an advance payment for the subsistence allowance for a foreign guest?

    In order to pay the advance payment to the guest, the person collecting the advance payment, usually the academic supervisor, needs to complete the advance payment application form, with the PESEL number (in case of bank payment) or the account number (in case of transfer) and send it via EZD to the International Relations Office, after prior approval of the applicant and the administrator of the funds.

  • How to settle the advance payment for a foreign guest allowance?

    In order to settle the costs incurred in connection with the guest’s arrival, provide the International Relations Office with the completed Cash Expenditure Form with the Subsistence Allowance Receipt Form signed by the guest.