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Welcome to SGGW!

Before you arrive:

Degree seeking students

  • Educational Offer

    SGGW is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Poland. It educates nearly 16,000 students in 40 study programs (including 9 taught in English), from veterinary medicine, through economics and computer science, to civil engineering. It employs 1,200 academic teachers, offers a modern campus and excellent learning conditions.

    Study offer

  • Scholarships

    SGGW students can apply for various scholarships, including research scholarships, social aid, scholarships for students with special needs. Applications need to be submitted individually. International students might also apply for financial support delivered by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA):

    1. The gen. Anders Programme. Scholarships for the Polish diaspora are addressed to foreigners of Polish origin. They enable young people of Polish origin and holders of the Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka) to study in Poland  (full-time programmes, in the Polish language) in higher education institutions supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Foreigners who have documented their Polish origin and holders of the Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka – holders of Karta Polaka are eligible to start their I and II degree studies as well as single master degree studies– in case of I degree studies and master degree studies, they may undertake their studies 2 years after the matriculation exam at the latest, and in case of II degree studies – two years after the completion of I degree studies at the latest. This year’s applications for first-degree and uniform Master’s degree studies may be submitted also by holders of Polish and foreign citizenship who completed their entire secondary school education outside of Poland. Approved candidates may participate in one-year preparatory course before the beginning of their studies. Candidates are selected on the basis of the calls for proposals announced on annual basis.

    2. Poland My First Choice Programme. The Poland My First Choice scholarship programme aims to encourage young talented people from the countries listed below to pursue studies at the best Polish HEIs. The Programme offers an opportunity to pursue full-time second-cycle studies at public and private HEIs on all fields of study offered by institutions offering education at highest level – i.e. those classified to the A and A+ category under the latest parametric evaluation – subordinate to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, with a monthly NAWA scholarship amounting to PLN 2,000 (ca. EUR 460) to cover the living allowance during the period of education in Poland specified in the Regulations. In the case of public HEIs, the Programme also offers an exemption from education fees. The Programme provides the participants with an opportunity to study in Polish or in another language. The Applicants select HEIs and fields of study in which they want to enrol based on the educational offer of Polish higher education institutions and apply for the curriculum of their choice. Final decisions regarding admissions of Applicants and financial conditions of education shall be made by HEIs.

    3. The Banach Scholarship Programme. The objective of the Programme is to promote socio-economic progress of developing countries by raising the level of knowledge and education of their citizens in the form of scholarships for second-degree studies in Polish or in English at Polish universities supervised by the Minister of Education and Science in the field of engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences, exact sciences, and life sciences. The NAWA scholarship may be applied for by citizens of the following countries: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Palestine, Peru, the Philippines, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. In addition, the citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan can complete second-degree studies in the fields of humanities and social sciences under the Programme, with the exception of philological studies in the field of the beneficiary’s native language. The Programme is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange in the form of Polish development aid.


  • Admission

    Here you will find more detailed information about the documents, calendar, and updates of the ongoing admissions to Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Short time exchange students

  • How to apply?

    Erasmus +

    Start from checking whether your home University has an agreement with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences within your studies. Contact your local International Office and follow internal procedure, when you are nominated to visit SGGW read all of the important information’s here.

    Bilateral agreements for studies

    Base on SGGW’s international cooperation agreement you are able to participate in the semestral or annual academic exchange, contact your local International Office for details. If you are an SGGW full-time student, see the possibilities of going abroad.  

    Course catalogue (2021/22)

    summer semester

    winter semester

  • International Student Mentor programme

    Mentor Programme’s main goal is to provide foreign students with a support that is necessary while coming to foreign country. Mentor is a person – student from SGGW – that foreign students can count on on the first days of their stay at SGGW, as well as during the whole semester. Mentor’s mission is to pick up her/his Buddy from the airport, train station or bus station, help her/him with finding accomodation and all the formalities during the semester and – finally – to become great friends and spend amazing time.

    How to apply?
    If you’re our future SGGW foreign Student, our International Relations Office will inform you about how to get a Mentor.
    Don’t hesitate to contact our Mentor Programme Coordinator – mentor.sggw@esn.pl.

Prepare your stay

  • Coronavirus information and recommendations, governmental webpage

    Where can I find the latest updates on the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland?

    Visit the official website of the Republic of Poland which post information on current actions, rules and the sanitary-epidemiological situation. 


  • Registration of address

    There is an obligation for foreigners to have their address registered if their stay exceeds 30 days period (for non-EU citizens) or 3 months (for EU citizens). In order to fulfill that obligation you have to visit district office (Urząd dzielnicy) competent for your place of residence.

    EU citizens and nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (or their family members) have to register no later than in the 30th day of their stay in Poland.

    Other foreigners are asked to register their temporary registered address no later than in the 4th day of their stay in Poland.

    At the office you have to submit the following documents:

    • Registration form
    • Valid travel document (if you come from EU or EFTA country)
    • Passport and visa (if you are not a citizen of UE/EFTA country)

    The registration of address is free of charge, although getting an official confirmation of the registered address is PLN 17 and is not given on the spot.

    INSTRUCTION Registration form


  • Accommodation

    Our incoming foreign students and employees have 2 options of accommodation during their stay in Warsaw:
    – at SGGW Campus (dormitories, Ikar hotel),
    – private flats.

    If you want to apply for a place in a dorm, contact your local coordination office which will provide you with all the needed information before your arrival. To find out more about SGGW Dorms, go to the webpage (SGGW dorms prices for a room).

    If you chose to rent a room in a private flat, there are few ways of finding the right place, for example:
    – renting a flat by a private agency,

    – Facebook group – it also allows you to find an Erasmus/International student flatmate. Check out the official ESN flat searching group for Erasmus students in Warsaw.

    Important notice: please always pay attention, especially when someone asks for a bank transfer before your arrival, always use checked sources of information.

  • Health & Insurance

    HEALTH INSURANCE is mandatory for all students for the whole duration of their stay in Poland. It is important to remember that each incoming student will be asked to show proof of health insurance upon arrival.

    International students and academics are strongly advised to purchase third-party liability insurance and accident insurance in their home countries.

    EU citizens are eligible for free health services in Poland providing that they present a valid European Health Insurance Card.

    EU citizens without health insurance in their countries of residence and non-EU citizens can sign a health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) or with one of the private clinics.

    There is also an option to buy PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE. It is voluntary and any international student may purchase it.

    Personal accident insurance, sometimes called personal injury insurance, is an insurance policy that promises to pay a financial benefit if you’re injured in an accident.

    The cost of the accident insurance in the 2021/2022 academic year is 43 or 53 PLN (depending on the proposal chosen)

    The insurance is effective from 01/10/2021 to 30/09/2022 – only for those who make the payment till the last day of the year. If you join and pay after  31/12/2021, the insurance will be valid from the next day of your payment to 30/09/2022.

    Erasmus+ students – Please see the instruction

    Full degree studentsPlease see the instruction


  • Introduction Days

    At each beginning of the semester, International Relations Office organizes the Introduction Days addressing all foreign students. During these events, all important information is presented i.a.: how to navigate on the SGGW campus, past foreign students hints, library instructions, intercultural workshops, etc.  

    Introduction Days 2021/22:

  • International Student Mentor programme

    Mentor Programme’s main goal is to provide foreign students with a support that is necessary while coming to foreign country. Mentor is a person – student from SGGW – that foreign students can count on on the first days of their stay at SGGW, as well as during the whole semester. Mentor’s mission is to pick up her/his Buddy from the airport, train station or bus station, help her/him with finding accomodation and all the formalities during the semester and – finally – to become great friends and spend amazing time.

    How to apply?
    If you’re our future SGGW foreign Student, our International Relations Office will inform you about how to get a Mentor.
    Don’t hesitate to contact our Mentor Programme Coordinator – mentor.sggw@esn.pl.

During your stay:

  • StartBook for International Students

    In the StartBook, we gathered the most important information and addresses relevant to new students of SGGW. Start Book for the academic year 2021/22 will be available soon.

  • eHMS guide

    Virtual Dean’s office – eHMS

    SGGW has a Virtual Dean’s office (eHMS) that allows students to access their data 24/7. Each faculty also has on-site Dean’s offices where you can get information on important matters, such as class schedules and semester grading rules.

    3. eHMS-Student – updated guide

  • Your University mailbox and access to Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 allows you to access your SGGW mailbox, use many Office apps and cloud services.

    To activate your account and set your password read carefully and follow instruction:


    Important note for new users of Microsoft 365 services:

    To access your account, you must first reset your password. Details on password reset can be found in the above instructions.

    Your login details – email address and your password are necessary to access:

    1. University mailbox via a web browser: https://poczta.sggw.edu.pl
    2. Ms Office 365 platform via: https://o365.sggw.edu.pl/
    3. Eduroam WiFi – educational roaming wireless computer network available in many buildings on SGGW campus.
  • Electronic Student ID

    To receive a Student ID, log in to the online dean’s office (ehms.sggw.edu.pl) and pay a fee. If you are a full degree student your photo will be transferred automatically from the recruitment system, if you are a short-term exchange student eHMS system will ask you to upload your phone. Dean’s office or International Relations Office will contact you when your ID is ready. Regularly it takes about 2 weeks.   Your Electronic Student ID also functions as a library card of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and an access card to computer rooms, and a Warsaw City Card (Warszawska Karta Miejska).

    First-Time eHMS Login Instructions (STUDENT ID)

    Please note: Student ID card must be returned to International Relations Office before leaving Warsaw. 

  • WI-FI

    Students & Employees

    SGGW provides students and employees with access to the EDUROAM (Education Roaming) wireless computer network. The network is available in most buildings on the campus.

    NETWORK NAME: eduroam

    LOGIN: e-mail address

    students – individual student book number (numer albumu) preceded by the letter “s”, e.g. s12345@sggw.edu.pl,

    employees – individual employee number (numer pracownika) proceded by the letter “p”, e.g. p123456@sggw.edu.pl       

    PASSWORD: same as for student / employee email account.



    SGGW guests can use the guest network.


    PASSWORD: 8rvGSrnFtt

  • SGGW Student Health Centre

    There is a medical clinic on the campus, which looks after students, employees of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and all other  patients. In addition to the Basic Health Care service for adults, under the contract with the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ), it also provides specialist care services as part of private services.

  • Student academic organisations

    Students who wish to pursue their passions and broaden their knowledge, and at the same time further the development of the University and the social environment are invited to join the work of the student academic clubs. There are 47 scientific student groups at SGGW, bringing together the most active students from various fields of study. Using the skills and knowledge gained during their studies as well as their innate ingenuity and creativity, the members organise activities that serve both their individual development and their environment. Academic groups organise projects and publications, as well as seminars and conferences, which offer the opportunity to deepen knowledge, be inspired for further activities, and meet interesting people.

    Student academic organisations



    Our university encourages physical activity, offering its students a wide range of sports and recreational games.


    Sport Center offers modern and well-equipped sports facilities such as:


    – Sport pool 

    – Recreational pool 

    – Aqua aerobics 

    – Swimming lessons  

    • GYM 
    The gym located in our facility is the perfect complement to the fitness offer. Individual training allows you to optimally combine classes at the gym with other forms of exercise, regardless of their nature and intensity. A wide range of training, friendly service, and a homely atmosphere make the training becomes a pleasant activity. In the gym is about 30 stations to perform a variety of exercises. Among the equipment available there is something for everyone – we have equipment suitable for both women and men. Classes are held in an air-conditioned room under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Every time you can use the lockers, changing room, and a full bathroom. 
    We have gyms for team sports in which you can play in the following disciplines: 
    – football and handball in the hall (No.5) with dimensions of 35.5 / 16m 
    – volleyball and basketball in the hall (nr.31) with dimensions of 24.5 / 11.5m and the hall (No.35) with dimensions of 24.5 / 15.4m 
    We have three indoor and one outdoor tennis court. Indoor courts have a surface of plastics based on polymers – Pulastic, while outside is a concrete court. Courts are heated by gas radiators system, so you can use them throughout the year. 
    The sauna is a reliable method to improve your mood.  Staying in the sauna offers to all a relaxing time. We provide two Finnish saunas (dry), made from the original alder and pine trees. A thermal bath stimulates the metabolism, cleanses the skin, relaxes, and refreshes the body.  You can use the sauna with a swimming pool together.  Massage is one of the oldest medical arts. Massage works on the entire body, causing relaxation and reducing mental stress, which has recently become very common. We offer a wide range of massages. 



    Apart from paid classes, you can join FREE fitness classes, Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 pm, room 35, 10 Ciszewskiego street (Warsaw University of Life Sciences Sport Center). For more info please check: https://www.facebook.com/FitSGGW/  



    University Sports Association (AZS SGGW) 

    Students who are especially good at sports can join the University Sports Association (AZS), and follow their chosen sport in one of its sections. Participation is free of charge but you need to fulfill the AZS criteria. For more info please contact our sports club directly via email (sggw.warszawa@azs.pl), FB page (https://www.facebook.com/azssggw), or Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/azssggw/). 

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