SARS-COV-2 coronavirus

Outpatient visits in our clinic take place as usual, and we take as many of them as possible.

Due to the threat of SARS-coV-2 coronavirus, the preferred method of providing medical advice in our clinic is via telemedicine (Polish: "teleporada").

The doctor, calling the patient, will decide each time whether it is necessary to visit the doctor's office and carry out the examination in direct contact with the patient or do it by telephone consultation.

If you need an e-prescription, referral, or e-waiver, you do not need to appear in person at our facility. The case can be consulted by phone with your doctor or at the reception, where it will be decided what the optimal procedure is.  

In order to ensure the greatest possible safety of these visits, both for our patients and our staff, we have implemented a number of solutions to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus.

If a patient  is invited  for an in-person visit, they are to arrive at the agreed-upon time.

During the epidemic of  SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, every visitor to our clinic is obliged to undergo a body temperature measurement, provide information about the current health condition, have a mask, disinfect their hands and keep the recommended distance from other patients and, if possible, from the medical staff.

All visits are to take place without accompanying persons.

In our clinic, the places of potential transmission of germs are disinfected several times a day with specialized disinfectants. All this is done in order to minimize the risk of transmitting pathogens.