FAQ (2nd degree)


  • Can I register for two fields of study or two forms of study of the same field of study?

    A candidate may register in the Candidate Service System only for one field of study and one form of study (full-time / part-time). If he is not qualified for admission in the basic qualification for the chosen field, he may participate in the supplementary qualification – provided it is conducted (among other vacancies). After confirming participation in the supplementary qualification (return to status “registered” in the red field in SOK), the candidate may participate in the next stage of recruitment for the fields of study available to the candidate, for which there are still vacancies.

  • Can I participate in recruitment before defending my thesis?

    So. In order to participate in recruitment for second-cycle studies it is necessary – within the time limit indicated in recruitment calendar – register in the Candidate Service System – regardless of whether the candidate is after or before defending the diploma thesis, and proceed to qualification. Admitted will be persons who, after being qualified for admission, will provide a complete set of required documents, including a diploma of completion of first-cycle studies or a certificate of completion of studies along with the grade for the diploma and the date of the diploma examination. Timely registration in the Candidate Service System (even before the defense / exam) is particularly important in the case of recruitment for the summer semester (short period for a session, defense / exam, recruitment).

  • Can I take an exam / project assignment before defending my diploma thesis?

    Yes, the recruitment / test / task can be started before the defense of the diploma thesis – see the first question in Qualifications for studies

  • How do I put the missing data on the application form (diploma number and date, grade point average for undergraduate studies)?

    The missing data must be entered in the recruitment form as follows:

    • Log in
    • from the menu on the left, select the tab in which the data will be completed (level 2 – qualification basis, average, diploma);
    • enter, enter the relevant data;
    • confirm the changes with the button at the bottom of the page.
  • I cannot complete the 2st tab. qualification major / diploma, the field of study is locked for editing. What to do?

    Due to the required correctness of data in SOK, information about the field of study for qualification in this tab is transferred from the tab Selection of the degree of studies and declaration of full-time studies , from the position marked with a dot as the qualification direction.
    In order to complete the information about the field of study for qualification, correct the data (select the field of qualification correctly) in the tab select the degree of studies.

    Note that after the registration deadline given in the calendar has passed, this option may no longer be available for editing.

  • What will happen if I am not admitted to studies in the first stage of recruitment?

    In 2020, enrollment for second-cycle studies is one-stage.

  • Do I have to confirm in the next stages of qualification for full-time studies that I still want to be qualified for the previously declared field of study?

    Yes, thanks to this we know that the candidate is still interested in a given field of study and form of study. Confirmation of participation in the next stage is made after logging in to the SOK by clicking the “I take part in the next stage” button. In subsequent stages, only candidates with the status of “ REGISTERED ”Visible in the red field on the first page of the Candidate Service System (after logging in). The supplementary qualifications are usually for studies commencing with the fall semester (October). Attention! please see the recruitment calendar, in 2020, recruitment for second-cycle studies is one-stage.

  • I forgot my password / I forgot my ID / I cannot log in, what should I do?

    Only candidates who have previously created an account and been given an ID number (a number of6 digits) can log in to the Candidate Service System (SOK). Candidates log in to their SOK account using the ID number and password they have established.

    The most commoncauses of is:
    error in candidate ID number (entering social security number as ID is incorrect)
    incorrectly entered password
    CAPS LOCK button enabled or accidental keyboard mode change(Ctrl+Shift)

    I forgot id

    Confirm account creation together with the information about the given ID number (number containing 6 digits) is displayed as a system message, it is also sent by e-mail to the address candidate’s e-mail provided when setting up the Account. This message can be addressed to different e-mail mailbox folders, depending on the rules/preferences you have set.

    Please check your internet mail inbox provided in SOK when creating anaccount, kmost of all folders(m.in. Offers, SPAM, Notifications,Socialness ) – depending on your preference settings, the message may have been in a completely unexpected mailbox folder. On the G mail inbox this message is most often located in the Offers folder. Please set preferences to send messages from SGGW to the correct folder.

    I forgot my password

    Candidates log in to their SOK account using the registered ID number (number containing 6 digits) and the established password. This password must consist of a minimum of 10 characters, including a minimum of one character from each group, i.e. a minimum of 10 characters. lowercase letter, lowercase letter, number, special characters (@!^).

    In order to recover your password, go to the “Recovery Lost password”, which is located in the SOK in Manu Left. The form must provide a 6-digit User ID to log in to SOK (if you forgot your ID read the information above), the same email address as when registering and a new password. Your e-mail will send back the activation code, which must be used within 15 minutes – enter in the form that appears in the tab “Recovery of lost password”.

  • Will WULS-SGGW assign me to part-time studies if I am not admitted to full-time studies?

    NO, and certainly not without the knowledge and consent of the candidate. The candidate always decides on the choice of the field / form of study independently – on the basis of the information provided in the SOK, on recruitment websites or sent to the candidate by e-mail. During the recruitment process, the selection board’s communications should be closely followed and responded to accordingly. Where the calendar no longer provides for further stages and there are still vacancies in the fields in question, the Selection Board may propose that the candidate be admitted to another field or form of study. This is done by means of an acceptance proposal, presented in the Candidate Service System, which the candidate can accept. Once accepted, the direction of the application and the status of the candidate authorising the submission of documents and acceptance to the proposed direction shall be changed. It should be borne in mind that such proposals may or may not be submitted by the Recruitment Committee.

  • In the registration form, I cannot choose the direction that interests me.

    If the list of fields of study does not include the field of interest of the candidate, check the individual SOK tabs:
    – correctness of the choice of the form of studies,
    – the correctness of filling the tab Choosing a degree (entering and marking the appropriate direction of qualifications, obtained professional title) and tabs 2st. qualification major / diploma.
    If the data entered in the above tabs are correct, the recruitment for this field of study may be carried out in the next semester or the rules of recruitment for the expected field of study require a specific professional title.

  • I can't sign in. System closed message

    The message “ closed system ”During the recruitment of candidates for studies (dates – specified in the recruitment calendar) is related to data processing. It is a temporary shutdown of the system for candidates for the time of entering data resulting from qualifications for studies. As a rule, the shutdown does not take more than a few hours. This message is also displayed before and after recruitment for studies – dates specified in the recruitment calendar.

  • I can't find the link to the registration form

    The link to the registration form can be found in the menu on the left in the recruitment section for second-cycle studies ( Candidate Service System ). If it is not on this page, it means that it has not been launched yet – recruitment has not started yet or has been removed – recruitment has already ended. In the cases described above (before and after the recruitment) and when making changes related to the qualification, a message is displayed when you try to log in or register – “closed system”

  • I am registered, but after logging in to the system, I only see the "Log out" and "Change password" tabs.

    After 30 days from the date of account setting up, the system asks you to change your password. After logging in, the candidate sees the “Change password” tab in the menu on the left. Once the user has changed their password, access to the account will be restored. The security of the data contained in it systems requires a periodic (every 30 days) change of the account password.

  • In the same account, I can't choose the other direction. Do you want to create a second account?

    No. Only one direction can be selected. Please read the answer to the second question in this section.

  • On the home page of the candidate's panel, the message "The program of studies is not compatible with the completed field of study!"

    If the candidate has completed a different course of first-cycle studies than the field of second-cycle studies for which he or she is applying, a message may appear in the SOK that the study program does not match the completed field of study. This means that the first-cycle studies completed by the candidate have not been recognized in the recruitment rules as a related course, leading to the expected learning outcomes of the candidate for the second-cycle studies.

    In this case, it is necessary, depending on the field of study (indicated in the content of the communication), to take competence tests or meet the Recruitment Committee in order to compare the learning outcomes of the completed field of study with the results expected from the candidate for the second-cycle studies. These meetings are a qualification interview and are held at the places and dates specified in the announcements in accordance with the recruitment calendar (in the tab Qualification – announcements in the recruitment website menu of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences).

  • How to complete registration / choose a field of study?

    In order to complete the registration after creating the account – choose the field of study:
    – log in to the SOK (ID number given when creating the account),
    – read the information for those entering the qualification (highlighted in red) and complete the next menu tabs highlighted in red,
    – “Selecting the degree of study” – select the appropriate options for the drop-down lists, complete the table of completed and currently studied fields of study, including the field of study being the basis for the qualifications
    – “2nd level qualification basis, secondary, diploma” and complete the data (these data can be supplemented at a later date – according to the calendar),
    – “2st. – choosing a field of study “, choose the form of study, select the selected field and confirm your choice with the” OK “button,
    On the “Main page of the administration panel” – menu on the left, check if the selection is correct.

Recruitment fee

  • Can I pay the enrollment fee via internet transfer?

    YES, internet transfer is also a bank transfer. Due to the short posting time, the fact of payment of the recruitment fee quickly appears in the candidate’s account (as a rule, within 2-3 working days of the payment order). Candidates do not need to submit a fee confirmation!

  • Does the candidate have to make a transfer from their own account / account?

    Not. The transfer of the recruitment fee can be made from any account / account. The deposit is identified by the individual candidate’s account number and is automatically assigned to the correct person.

  • Can I make a deposit via the Post Office?

    YES, depositing at the post office is one possible form of payment.

  • Does the change of the field of study require payment of another enrollment fee?

    Changing the field of study, changing the form of study from stationary to part-time or vice versa do not require further fees. One fee covers the entire recruitment process, including participation in the supplementary qualification, if any.

  • Why has my application fee not yet arrived? What should I do in this case?

    The fee (made at the cash window / electronic banking transfer / post office) is credited to the SGGW account within 2-3 working days from the date of payment. If the fee has not been posted:

    • wait patiently;
    • Verify the correctness of the account number to which it was sent;
    • Check that it has not returned to the account from which it was sent;
    • if it has returned, you should intervene in your own bank.

    Note! Record the enrollment fee on the candidate’s account does not take place online . In any case, the candidate is obliged to keep proof of payment and, on request, present it during the submission of documents.

  • How do I keep my proof of payment if I have made a transfer via the Internet?

    Each bank account has the option to print a transfer confirmation. Such a printout usually includes a clause that the document does not require a stamp or signature.

  • Within what deadline from registering and generating an account number should I pay the recruitment fee?

    The recruitment fee must be paid no later than the date indicated in the recruitment calendar on the last day indicated for the payment of the fee or registration of candidates at the relevant stage of recruitment. Candidates waiting until the last minute and registering on the last day, on the same day, pay a recruitment fee. A candidate who on the date of qualification does not have the recruitment fee recorded in the SOK account is not eligible.

Competency tests / project task

  • Can I take a placement test / project assignment before defending my thesis?

    So. All candidates registered in the Candidate Service System can take the test, regardless of whether they are after or before defending their diploma thesis.

  • Can I apply for the same or a different field of study in the supplementary recruitment?

    The supplementary qualifications are usually for studies commencing with the fall semester (October). If there are vacancies in individual fields of study and additional recruitment / qualification is to be carried out, candidates who have not been qualified or have not submitted documents may apply for the same or a different field of study within the vacancies. However, it should be remembered that in those fields of study where tests were carried out, re-applying for admission to the same field of study takes place with the same test score.

  • Can I retake the placement test / project assignment?

    You can take the qualification test / project assignment for a given field of study / department in recruitment only once. It is not possible to correct the result. However, if the candidate has not been qualified for admission to a given field of study, he or she may take another test in a different field of study during the supplementary recruitment.
    The examination – a design task for the field of Landscape Architecture is carried out only once at the beginning of the recruitment.

  • Where can I find the results of the placement test / project assignment?

    The result of the test / task can be viewed by the candidate after logging into the Candidate Service System after entering them by WKR. The deadline for entering the results is given in the recruitment calendar. WULS-SGGW does not publish lists with the results of qualification tests.

  • Where can I find information about the date, place and time of the placement test / project assignment?

    In accordance with recruitment calendar for second-cycle studies , information about the place and time of the qualification test / project task for the candidate will be posted on the recruitment website and sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided during the candidate’s registration.

  • What is the scope of material needed to correctly solve the placement test?

    The qualification tests include the material of the minimum curriculum for the first degree studies for a given field of study. WULS-SGGW does not provide the scope of the material, books or publications from which to prepare.

  • Are there any sample placement tests?

    No. We do not publish sample tests.

  • I am a disabled person. Will the position / test / project assignment be specially adapted?

    So. Disabled persons requiring assistance or special adaptation of the position, after registering in the system, should notify the Recruitment Committee in a timely manner of the need to prepare the position for its needs resulting from the disability (e.g. larger screen, enlarged font etc.)

Qualifications for studies

  • Where can I find the list of admitted (qualified) students?

    SGGW publishes information about the admission / eligibility of a candidate for studies in the Candidate Service System. The candidate will find one of the messages in the status field (always highlighted in red):

    • “qualified” – the candidate has been qualified for admission and should complete the information in the SOK within the prescribed period and provide documents;
    • “The next stage?” – the candidate has not been eligible for admission at the current stage. After selecting the option “I take part in the next stage or re-selection / change of the field of study and change of status to “registered may apply for admission to a subsequent stage as long as the follow-up stages are carried out. Only candidates with “registered” status take part in the subsequent stages ofrecruitment;
    • “pending admission” – the candidate who has been qualified, completed the information, entered the photo, and confirmed his readiness to submit documents and study at SGGW – This candidate must provide the required documents, including the original baccalaureate certificate (notarial copy) to the Selection Board, in order to obtain accepted status.
    • “adopted…” – the candidate has been qualified and has submitted a set of required documents within the time limit provided for in the recruitment timeline.
  • How will the qualification for second-cycle studies work?

    After creating an account at SOK, the candidate chooses the degree of study and indicates the first-cycle degree program he completed as a qualification field. After graduation (including before the defense), he introduces the grade point average for first-cycle studies to the SOK. Chooses the form of studies and field of study.

    If a message is displayed about the need to verify learning outcomes by taking competency tests or at a meeting with the Recruitment Committee, he / she starts these stages of the procedure on the dates specified in the recruitment calendar,

    On the basis of the entered information and the created possible ranking lists according to the average grade for first-cycle studies for individual fields of study, the Admissions Committee makes qualification decisions for a given field of study. The committee’s decision is reflected in the candidate’s status.

    A candidate who creates a recruitment account and selects a field of study receives the status of “registered“.

    After qualification, the following statuses are possible:

    “classified” – a candidate invited to confirm that he / she will start studies at SGGW and submit documents;

    “registered” – a candidate who has not been qualified for submission of documents and admission.

    A candidate who hasobtainedthe status of “qualified” and decides to study at the SGGW within the time limit set in the recruitment timeline:

    1. Fills in the missing data in the SOK (level 2 qualifications basis, average, diploma),
    2. Attaches a scan of the diploma / certificate,
    3. Includes digital photography in SOK
    4. It confirms, on the home page of the candidate’s administration panel in SOK, the readiness to study and submit documents with the CONFIRM button.
    5. The status of the candidate in the SOK after confirmation changes to “pending adoption

    The next step for a candidate with “pending acceptance” status is to provide the required documents to SGGW:

    • the original or a notarized copy of the original of the diploma or until the diploma is issued with a certificate of graduation in accordance with the template indicated in the Required documents section
    • generated from sok, printed and signed Personal Survey/Application for admission to college
    • paper photography

    Documents can be sent by post, sent by courier, in extreme situations delivered in person within the time limit indicated in the recruitment calendar. A candidate who confirms his/her readiness to study and provide the required documents within the specified period shall be granted accepted status.

    The Recruitment Committee, after confirming that the copy of the diploma is true to the original, in accordance with the candidate’s instruction indicated when sending the documents:

    1. sends the original to the address provided in SOK or the address indicated by the candidate when sending the documents, or
    2. keeps the original in the candidate’s file, which the candidate can collect at the dean’s office of his or her field of study after starting studies.

    Candidate with status “qualified ” whodoes not confirm in the time limit indicated in the calendar the readiness to study and submit documents and a candidate who confirms his readiness to study and submit documents (“pending adoption“) and does not provide these documents within the time limit specified in the recruitment calendar will receive after the expiry of this period the status of resignation no documents.

    Those with accepted status will be entered on the student list.

  • In the field where the message "registered" has been so far, I have written "qualified". Does that mean I'm accepted?

    Highlighted in red in the “status” field, the message “qualified” indicates that the candidate has been qualified for admission. He will be accepted for the chosen direction provided that the formal conditions are met: confirmation in sok of readiness to study at SGGW and transmission in accordance with the communication of the University Recruitment Commission and within the required deadlines (recruitment timeline) a set of documents that agree in terms of data with the information entered by the candidate in the SOK form.

  • I got the qualification message with no content. What to do with this?

    Probably the candidate has an anti-spam filter on their e-mail account. Information sent by e-mail to candidates (a large amount) may look like SPAM to e-mail server administrators. Please check your mail in the “junk mail” / “SPAM” folder etc.

  • How many vacancies are left after the basic qualification, where and when will the information about vacancies appear?

    Information about vacancies is provided in the Candidate Service System in the vacancies tab or in the form of announcements on the recruitment website after the end of the current stage. The number of vacancies for individual fields of study is introduced after the end of the document submission period of the previous qualification stage. The supplementary qualifications are usually for studies commencing with the fall semester (October). Attention! please see the recruitment calendar, in 2020, recruitment for second-cycle studies is one-stage.

  • Can I apply for the same or a different field of study in the supplementary recruitment?

    So. The supplementary qualifications are usually for studies commencing with the fall semester (October). Attention! please see the recruitment calendar, in 2020, recruitment for second-cycle studies is one-stage.

  • In the field where the message "registered" has been written so far, I say "Next stage" What does it mean? Can I submit documents?

    A candidate who has information in the status item (highlighted in red) “the next step”, was not qualified to submit documents at the previous stage, but may participate in supplementary qualifications. To participate in supplementary qualifications, log in to the system and select the I take part in the next stage option on the main page of the administration panel or enter the 2nd tab. – select the direction, select the direction and confirm with OK. The status will change to “ registered “. Participation in supplementary qualifications takes place within the already paid application fee. Only candidates with the status “registered” participate in the qualification .
    The supplementary qualifications are usually for studies commencing with the fall semester (October). Attention! please see the recruitment calendar, in 2020, recruitment for second-cycle studies is one-stage.

  • I have been qualified to submit documents, but I have the defense of my diploma thesis after the recruitment is completed. What can I do?

    The enrollment calendar for studies is posted on the website in advance. Recruitment dates are set in such a way that candidates have the opportunity to complete their first-cycle studies on time and to defend themselves. The only option is to submit the diploma thesis on time and agree with the Dean of the date of the defense in such a time that it is possible to start recruitment.

Submission of documents

  • When and who submits documents?

    Documents are provided to WULS-SGGW by candidates who have been qualified for admission and have confirmed their readiness to study at WULS-SGGW, thus obtaining the status of “ waiting to be accepted “.

    After qualifying for admission – the status “ classified “- the candidate confirms that he has read the information for shortlisted candidates (the menu tab is highlighted in red), and then – after confirming reading the above information, according to the following highlighted menu items:

    • attaches digital photography to SOK,
    • attaches a scan of the diploma / certificate to the SOK.
    • Then, on the Home page of the candidate’s administration panel:
    • prints and checks the correctness of the Personal Questionnaire / Application for admission to studies (possibly corrects errors)
    • clicks the gray button Confirm ……. after performing the above operation, the candidate status changes to “waiting for admission”

    Signed questionnaire / application for admission, paper photo (signed), original or notarized copy of the original of the diploma / certificate of graduation and the diploma supplement must be delivered within the time limit indicated in the recruitment calendar.

    We recommend sending these documents by courier or letter. Note that the documents listed above are considered correct. Normal copies of diplomas will not be accepted . The university shall keep a copy of the diploma certified to be true to the original in the student’s files. To confirm such a copy, the original is required for inspection. Until the diploma is obtained, the Certificate issued by the Dean’s Office is accepted, in accordance with the template (content) available in the Required documents tab.

    The original will be sent back to the address indicated or will be collected by the dean after the start of the studies (upon receipt of the student ID card, signing the oath, etc.) at the candidate’s will.

    In extreme cases, documents may be delivered in person within the time limits set in the recruitment calendar.

    Persons who do not confirm their readiness to start studies or who confirm but do not provide the required documents within the indicated deadline will receive the status – resignation

  • What documents do I have to send to WULS-SGGW before the official deadlines for submitting them (in accordance with the recruitment calendar)?

    We submit the documents (set) within the time limits provided for in recruitment calendar for the appropriate form / type of study. We do not expect any documents to be shipped prior to being eligible for admission

  • Do I have to submit my documents in person? Can I send them e.g. by post or courier?

    In 2020, we recommend submitting documents by post or courier.

  • Can another person collect documents from WULS-SGGW?

    Yes, as long as he has a notarial authority to dispose of the candidate’s documents during recruitment in SGGW. Each person receiving documents must have a valid photo ID. After the documents are withdrawn by a third party, their notarial authorization remains with SGGW.

  • What documents do I have to submit if I have not received my diploma yet

    Candidates who have not yet received a graduation diploma but have completed it (passed the diploma exam / defended their thesis), submit temporarily instead of a diploma a certificate of completion of studies, which includes the date of defense, diploma number, diploma grade, grade point average. The certificate template can be found in the tab required documents . After receiving the diploma, the student is obliged to immediately deliver the diploma to the relevant dean’s office.

  • I am already a student and I am starting the second field of study. What documents should I submit?

    A student taking up the second field of study submits the same required documents as other candidates. If the original certificates are in the dean’s office, they should be withdrawn from the dean’s office and submitted to the recruitment process.

  • During the deadline for submitting documents, I am on vacation / abroad / on vacation. Can I submit my documents at a later date?

    Those who confirm their readiness to study but do not provide the required documents within the specified period will receive the status – resignation. Recruitment deadlines are very tight, we do not provide for a grace period for submission of documents.


  • Until when do I have to post an electronic photo in the form?

    Photo in SOK the candidate puts in case of confirmation of willingness to study at SGGW after qualifying for submission of documents and acceptance. Candidates with qualified/pending status have the opportunity to attach a photo. Only after attaching and accepting the photo is it possible to print the Application/Personal Survey.
    CAUTION!!! Lack of a photo in the system after qualifying for admission makes it impossible to accept documents and obtain the status of admitted.

  • In the "photo" tab I see the text "new photo - waiting for verification" how long does it take to verify the photo?

    The photo of the candidate after joining the form should be visible immediately after joining. If a candidate doesn’t see their photo in the SOK form, it means that it isn’t attached and can’t be verified (because, for example, the volume of the photo file is too large). Photos are accepted on an ongoing basis (24 to 48 hours after the photo is posted). To upload a photo, point to the path to the file on the disc or media and press the “change photo” button. The candidate at the photo declares that this is his photograph. No photo/statement prevents you from printing your application for college admission. Note! Photos received from a photographer on a disc or other medium are usually in very high resolution and have a large volume. The photo attached to the SOK should not be more than 100KB.

  • In the photo tab, there is a message that it is not accepted? What mistakes do I make?

    The message usually contains information about the floods of photo rejections. Please refer to the photo requirements (“Photo” tab in the Candidate Service System) and attach the correct photograph.

    Note! The candidate’s head should be 66-80% of the width and height of the photo box (window boxes). The photo should be taken “en face” – as for an ID card or passport, on a uniform background, in natural colors, sharp. If it’s a scanned photo, you won’t see stamp marks or the edges of the photo in the photo box. In SOK you can see what the master photo looks like.

  • Despite many attempts, I cannot insert the photo into the system.

    The most common mistake is inserting a file with the wrong format or dimensions. The correct image size is 236×295 pixels. The photo must be in * .jpg format. The file should not be larger than 100kB. If the candidate still has a problem with inserting a photo, you can send the original photo file (in high resolution) to the e-mail address rekrutacja@sggw.pl The file name should be the candidate’s identification number. Waiting time – min. 24 hours

Other questions

  • Which group am I assigned to?

    Information on assigning a candidate to a student group can be obtained from the dean’s office of the relevant field of study. There is no such information on the recruitment pages.

  • When does the class start?

    Classes begin in accordance with the provisions in organization of the academic year , which also includes the schedule of meetings for part-time studies in individual fields of study. In recruitment for the summer semester (February / March), the beginning of classes is also specified in the recruitment calendar.

  • Where and when will the lesson plans be posted?

    Class schedules are published on different dates at individual faculties. They are usually placed in showcases in front of the dean’s office, as well as on the Faculty’s websites. We do not post lesson plans on the recruitment pages

  • How much is the enrollment fee for studies?

    WULS-SGGW does not charge admission fees from candidates for studies. The only fee that the candidate pays is the recruitment fee.
    After the candidate is admitted to studies, the additional fees are:
    – fee for issuing an ID card,
    – payment for part-time study ,
    – payment for additional items resulting from the necessity to supplement the learning outcomes of first-cycle studies.

  • How many and what subjects do I have to complete as part of the first-cycle program difference?

    Candidates who have completed a first-cycle study program other than the second-cycle study program for which they have been admitted are required to make up for any curriculum differences. How many and what subjects should be supplemented is determined by the Recruitment Committee (individually for each one) based on the information contained in the supplement.

  • I was accepted to study at SGGW and at another university. I want to quit my studies at SGGW.

    a) If the candidate has received a message about qualifying for studies at SGGW and wants to resign (does not submit any documents), he / she may notify us by selecting I want to cancel button on the website of the Candidate Administration Panel in the Candidate Service System. An e-mail with relevant content will be sent to the candidate and to the recruitment system. The candidate status will be changed to “Unsubscribe”.
    b) If a candidate has received a notification of qualification for studies at WULS-SGGW and wants to resign, he or she may not submit the documents within the prescribed period. After the deadline for submitting documents, the candidate’s status in the system will be changed to “ Resignation – no documents
    c) If the candidate has submitted documents and wants to resign, they should log in to the Candidate Service System, select the tab RESIGNATION and report to BSS to collect documents. Candidate status is changed to “ Resignation – documents received

  • I submitted my documents and was accepted. I want to quit my studies at SGGW. Will the documents be returned to me?

    a) If the candidate has resigned from studies (selected the tab RESIGNATION ) before the last day of accepting documents – in accordance with the calendar, and his documents have not yet been submitted to the Dean’s Office, will be sent to the candidate at the address provided in the SOK after the recruitment is completed.
    b) If the candidate resigned from studies (he chose the tab RESIGNATION ) after the last day of submitting the documents, the documents will not be returned. From the moment the documents are submitted to the Dean’s Office, the recruitment process has been completed for the candidate and all formalities are handled at the faculty. In this case, you must submit your resignation in writing to the Dean’s Office in person and collect the documents.

  • Do I have to pay the fee (tuition) for the 1st semester in full, or can I pay in monthly installments?

    Information can be found in the current ordinance on the detailed rules for charging fees for educational services at first and second cycle studies and uniform master’s studies -> Link