Other questions

  • Where can I find information about payments for part-time studies?

    Information on the amount of tuition fees for part-time studies can be found in the table of fees for studies – annex to the Order of the Rector of the SGGW on fees for studies.

  • Which group am I assigned/assigned to?

    The candidate will be assigned to a specific group in the dean’s office for his/her field of study. There is no such information on the recruitment pages.

  • When do classes start?

    You can check the start date of the classes on the subpage on the organization of the academic year. There is also a schedule of reunions for part-time studies in individual fields. If faculties start classes on different dates than the organisation of the academic year, they should notify candidates, so it’s a good idea to follow the information on the websites.

  • Where and when will the timetables be posted?

    Individual faculties provide timetables at different times. They can be consulted in the showcases before the dean and on the websites of the faculties.

  • How much is a college buy-in?

    SGGW does not charge a buy-in for study candidates. The only fee paid by the candidate is the recruitment fee. The newly accepted student pays the student ID card fee and the part-time student pays tuition fees.

  • Where can I find information about the fields of study offered by SGGW?

    Information about the fields of study can be found in the Fields of Study tab and in the Guide for candidates tab.

  • Is it possible to move from in-house to day or change direction?

    Yes, it is possible to change the form or field of study. The rules of transfer are laid down in the Rules of Study at SGGW.