• How much is the admission fee?

    The admission fee is PLN 85.00

  • When do I have to pay the admission fee?

    The final date of payment of the admission fee in a given recruitment stage is specified in the recruitment calendar. If that deadline coincides with the last day of registering for a given study program, the candidate is obliged to pay the fee no later than on the same day.

  • To what account number should I pay the admission fee, where can I find the account number?

    The candidate pays the recruitment fee to the individual bank account number generated for the candidate in the IRK system. A unique bank account number is assigned to each candidate. The bank account number is provided in the “Payments” tab, but before any payment, it is required to select a study program (to register).

  • How to pay the admission fee?

    The online bank transfer is the fastest payment method. The candidate can also use another form of bank payment or the postal services. However, we do not recommend this option due to its duration.

  • Do I have to make a transfer from my own bank account?

    NO. The admission fee can be transferred from any bank account. The payment is identified based on the candidate’s individual account number and then recorded on their IRK profile.

  • Why is my admission fee still pending? Will I be considered for qualification?

    The admission fee is credited to the SGGW account within 2-3 business days from the date of making payment. If the fee has not been credited, please:

    • wait patiently;
    • verify the account number to which it was sent;
    • check if the payment was sent back to you;
    • in case the payment was sent back, contact your bank immediately.


    Note! In each case, the candidate is obliged to keep the proof of payment and attach it with the submitting documents at the request of the University staff. If the payment has been made within the time limit specified in the recruitment calendar, the candidate will be considered in the recruitment procedure. The payment is deemed to be effected at the moment of the financial operation, i.e. making an electronic payment, ordering a transfer or making a cash payment at a bank or post office branch.

  • How to provide a proof of payment if I made an online transfer?

    Each online bank provides an option to download a  payment confirmation. The printout usually includes a clause that the document does not require a stamp or signature to be considered valid.

  • Should I pay the tuition fees and the fee for the Electronic Student Identity Card (ELS) to my personal account in the IRK system?

    NO. The IRK system only supports admission fees. The tuition and ELS fees should be paid to other dedicated bank accounts, available at the Virtual Dean’s Office of SGGW (eHMS).