• How are drawing exam grades converted to SGGW points?

    In the recruitment for the academic year 2020/2021, the ink drawing test for the direction of landscape architecture will not be carried out. The qualification will be based on the results of the baccalaureate in the qualification subjects.

  • How are baccalaureate points calculated?

    Depending on the year in which the baccalaureate exam was passed (both for the first and subsequent years), the points are calculated according to the formula:

    For high school students 2008-2019 (or improving the exam in these years)

    SGGW Points = Base Level x 0.7

    SGGW Points = Extended Level x 1

    For maturists (or baccalaureate students) before 2008:

    SGGW Points = Base Level x 0.4 + Extended Level x 0.6

  • How are points converted to the direction of animal bioengineering?

    In the recruitment for the field of bioengineering animals are required two qualification subjects: English and to choose mathematics or chemistry, or physics, or biology. The final score is the sum of SGGW points from two items, with SGGW points weighing 0.3 for English and 0.7 for the second item:

    Qualifying points = English SGGW points x 0.3 + SGGW points from the second item x 0.7

    Example 1: A candidate passed his or her master’s baccalaureate in 2020 and obtained the following result: mathematics – 80%, English – 70%

    English: SGGW = 70*0.7 = 49,

    mathematics: SGGW points = 80*0.7 = 56

    Qualifying points = 49*0.3 + 56*0.7 = 53.9

    Example 2: In 2020, the candidate passed the baccalaureate at the basic level of compulsory subjects: mathematics – 80%, English – 70% and biology at the extended level – 70%. In this case, the system for converting points chooses a better result from mathematics and biology.

    English: SGGW = 70*0.7 = 49,

    mathematics: SGGW points = 80*0.7 = 56,

    biology: SGGW points = 70*1.0 = 70

    Qualification points = (language)49*0.3 + (biology)70*0.7 = 63.7

  • How are points calculated in the fields of economics, logistics, finance and accounting, management?

    In the recruitment for economics, logistics, finance and accounting and management (full-time studies) three qualification subjects are required – mathematics, a foreign language and a third subject to choose from: Polish or geography, or WOS, or history. Each of them has its own weight: mathematics – 0.6 for SGGW points, foreign language – 0.2 for SGGW points and the third subject – 0.2 for SGGW points. The maximum score possible is 100 points.

    Thus, qualification points = SGGW points in mathematics x 0.6 + SGGW points from j. alien x 0.2 + SGGW points from the third item x 0.2

    Example 1: The candidate passed the basic level in 2020 and obtained the following results: mathematics – 80%, foreign language – 70%, Polish – 60%.

    mathematics: SGGW = 80*0.7 = 56 pts,

    foreign language: SGGW points = 70*0,7 = 49 points,

    language Polish: SGGW points = 60*0.7 = 42 pts

    Qualifying points = 56*0.6 + 49*0.2 + 42*0.2 = 33.6 + 9.8 + 8.4 = 51.8 points

    The candidate is qualified with a score of 51.8 SGGW

    Example 2: The candidate passed the baccalaureate at the extended level in 2020 and obtained the following results: mathematics – 80%, foreign language – 70%, geography – 60%.

    mathematics: SGGW points = 80*1.0 = 80 points,

    foreign language: SGGW points = 70*1,0 = 70 points,

    geography: SGGW = 60*1.0 = 60 pts

    Qualifying points = 80*0.6 + 70*0.2 + 60*0.2 = 48.0 + 14.0 + 12.0 = 74.0 points

    The candidate is qualified with a score of 74.0 SGGW

  • Baccalaureate in bilingual school.

    A foreign language exam in a bilingual school is conducted without distinguishing levels. If you have passed your bilingual baccalaureate before 2008, you will enter your result in the registration form in the place for the extended level exam. In place of the basic level result, they enter 100 and mark the year of obtaining the baccalaureate “before 2008”.

    Since 2008, graduates have entered the baccalaureate result in place of the extended level and mark the correct year of obtaining the baccalaureate.

    The exam in other subjects in bilingual school (biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc.) is conducted with level highlighting. In the form you must enter the results of the exam passed in Polish accordingly.

  • I passed my baccalaureate in two foreign languages. The result of which one to enter into the form?

    Enter the exam results in both languages in the form. This is better passed (after converting the results into SGGW points) should be marked for qualification, and at the second leave the status “not applicable”.

  • I have a foreign baccalaureate. How do I convert ratings into SGGW recruitment points?

    Candidates holding a Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian or other country certificate independently introduce the assessments obtained on the certificate into the recruitment system. They will be converted into SGGW points in accordance with the rules posted on the recruitment page in the “Foreign certificates” tab. The results must be entered before the registration closes at a given stage, within the time limits specified in the recruitment calendar.

    Candidates holding a certificate issued outside the Republic of Poland, in a country other than those listed in the “Foreign certificates” tab, present them to the selection board, which converts the results obtained into SGGW points in accordance with the general rules and adds them to the candidate’s account. In the case of a different assessment scale, the selection board will individually recalculated the results obtained by the candidate. The certificate, together with the sworn translation into Polish language, must be submitted before the registration is closed at a given stage (within the time limits specified in the recruitment calendar) at the Office of Student Affairs, ul. Nowoursynowska 166, pok. 8, pok. 3 or send the scan to the following e-mail address: rekrutacja@sggw.pl.

    The condition for the selection board to add points is:

    registration in the Candidate Service System within the deadlines indicated in the recruitment calendar and selection of the field of study, provision of a foreign certificate of maturity min. 24 hours before the closing of the registration stage.