Submission of documents

  • Who submits documents and when?

    The documents are provided to SGGW by candidates who have been qualified for admission and have confirmed their readiness to study at SGGW, thus obtaining a “pending” status.

    After qualifying for admission, the status of “qualified” candidate confirms that you have read the information for the qualified candidates (highlighted in red menu tab) and then, after confirming that you have read the above information, according to the following highlighted menu items:

    • supplements information on secondary school,
    • attaches digital photography to SOK,
    • attaches to the SOK a scan of the baccalaureate certificate.
    • Then, on the Home page of the candidate’s administration panel:
    • prints and validates the Personal Survey/ Applications for admission to study (possibly corrects the data)
    • clicks on the gray button Confirm ____

    A signed survey/application for acceptance, a paper photograph (signed), an original certificate of maturity or a notarized copy of the original certificate of maturity (or for documents obtained in other countries a certificate entitling to apply for studies in the country of issue of that certificate), a simple photocopy of the first page of the high school leaving certificate should be provided within the time limit specified in the recruitment timeline.

    We recommend sending these documents by courier or letter. Note that the documents listed above are considered correct. Regular copies of certificates of maturity will not be accepted. The HEI shall keep in the student’s file a certified copy of the certificate of maturity. In order to confirm such a copy, the original of the certificate for inspection is required.

    The original will be sent back to the address indicated or will be collected by the dean after the start of the studies (upon receipt of the student ID card, signing the oath, etc.) at the candidate’s will.

    In extreme cases, documents may be delivered in person within the time limits set in the recruitment calendar.

    Persons who do not confirm their readiness to study or who confirm but do not provide the required documents within the specified period will receive the status – resignation.

  • Should I submit any documents to SGGW earlier than the recruitment calendar provides?

    No, we do not expect documents to be submitted before we qualify for admission. The exception is the winners of the Olympics and competitions, who submit all documents together with the qualifications of the winner before qualification.

  • Do I have to submit my documents in person? Can I send them by post or courier, for example?

    We recommend sending documents by post or courier.

  • Can someone else pick up documents from SGGW on behalf of a candidate?

    Yes, as long as he has a notarial authority to dispose of the candidate’s documents during recruitment in SGGW. Each person receiving documents must have a valid photo ID. After the documents have been withdrawn by a third party, its notarial authorisation remains with SGGW.

    Candidates who cancel their studies at SGGW before the end of recruitment will be sent back to the mailing address provided in the SOK.

  • My high school diploma and baccalaureate certificate are in the dean. What to do?

    If a candidate is studying or has already completed one course of study (he/she has left his/her studies, has been deleted) and has not yet cleared the faculty and his documents are in the dean’s office, he/she should pick up the original documents in due time and re-submit them as part of the recruitment. The same procedure applies to documents contained in the dean of the Faculty of SGGW. Deans do not share documents with third parties (including recruitment).

  • I am already a student and i am starting my second course of study. What documents should I submit?

    The student undertaking the second field of study shall submit the documents applicable to all candidates.

  • At the time of submission of documents I am on leave / abroad / on holiday. Can I file documents later?

    Those who confirm their readiness to study but do not provide the required documents within the specified period will receive the status – resignation.

    Recruitment deadlines are very tight, we do not provide for a grace period for submission of documents.