Veterinary – part-time studies

  • When does registration for part-time (veterinary) studies start? How do I point out that I am also interested in part-time studies? I do not see this direction in part-time form in the table, where should I make a choice?

    Registration for part-time veterinary studies begins with registration for other fields of study. Since recruitment for this field takes place on time and on the basis of the rules laid down for full-time studies, you must register for the selected course in stationary form and complete the declaration of participation in the recruitment for part-time studies, which will appear in the menu on the left. Select the appropriate option and confirm the selection. Only candidates who have an option of interest in this form of study will be eligible for part-time studies.

  • When are the first qualifications for part-time (veterinary) studies held?

    Qualifications for part-time (veterinary) studies take place at the same time as qualifications for full-time studies.

  • I have been qualified/qualified for part-time studies, I have submitted/submitted documents, and there are still vacancies for day studies. What can I do to study in day mode?

    A candidate who has submitted documents for part-time studies shall continue to participate in the qualification for a stationary course in this field. After the vacancies for full-time study have been announced, a threshold shall be set from which candidates for vacancies are accepted. This threshold is equal to the result of the last qualified candidate according to the ranking list. If the score of a candidate accepted for part-time veterinary medicine (with the status “accepted – part-time”) fits in the next stage of recruitment within the limit set for full-time studies, the candidate is automatically transferred to full-time studies and his/her status changes to “accepted – stationary”.

  • After the second year of part-time study in veterinary medicine, is there an automatic transfer to a stationary form?

    Part-time studies in veterinary medicine last 11 semesters (full cycle of education) and during this period it is not possible to change their form to stationary.

  • Are part-time studies in veterinary medicine paid only for the first semesters? How much is the fee?

    Part-time studies are paid for the entire duration (11 semesters). Semester fees are given in the annex to the Order of the Rector of the SGGW on the payment for studies.