Virtual dean’s office

  • Login to the system

    • it is recommended to log into eHMS via a web browser Mozilla ,
    • for registration in eHMS, in addition to personal data (name and surname, PESEL number / Passport), the student’s album number and the faculty are required (data visible after logging in to Candidate Service System ),
    • during registration, the system asks for an auxiliary question and answer.
      Remember the answer – it is necessary in the case of recovering login data for the purpose of their recovery,
    • after correct registration, the system will display the login data: NIU (User Identification Number) and a temporary password,
    • the first time you log in, the system will force you to change the password (the password must contain at least 8 characters, lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number).
      Make sure to remember the NIU and password ,
    • Entering an incorrect NIU or password 4 times results in blocking the account. In this case, please contact IT Support.
  • After logging in, the student gets the opportunity

    • check your personal data,
    • editing some contact details (telephone, e-mail, distance from the place of residence),
    • viewing your own study program and classes, group membership, dean’s decisions,
    • view subjects and grades from the current and previous semesters, semester completion status and obtained averages,
    • access to scholarship data,
    • monitoring the status of payments, including possible debt and interest,
    • printing transfers regarding tuition fees and fees related to living in a dormitory,
    • browsing posted ads,
    • booking a place in a dormitory (the rules for granting a place are available at, reviewing the booking and canceling the booking,
    • enrollment for elective subjects and the choice of teachers (if this function is made available by the dean’s office),
    • inserting photos into the Electronic Student ID,
    • filling out questionnaires.
  • FAQ

    1. What to do when I forgot my ID number or password?
      If the student does not remember his NIU and / or password, he should use the option [rejestracja /odzyskiwanie kont studentów]. The procedure is the same as for setting up an account for the first time (you must fill in the form displayed), except that when you recover your account, you are required to provide an answer to a security question (registered when setting up the account).

    2. What to do when I forgot the answer to the secret question?
      In this case, please write an e-mail to the following address: with a request to provide an answer to the auxiliary question. For identification purposes, it is necessary to include: name, surname and NIU number or album number.

    3. I want to change my question and / or answer.
      To change the answer to the auxiliary question or change the question and answer, log in to the virtual dean’s office, then click the “my data” tab. Select the “edit” option from the menu.
      Depending on what you want to change, enter new values in the “Your question:” and / or “Your answer” field.

    4. How to insert a photo into the ID card?
      ID photos are imported from the enrollment system. The need to insert a photo personally concerns students from outside the recruitment, i.e. accepted under the procedure of transfer from another university.
      To insert a photo into your ID card:

      • log in to the virtual dean’s office (address:,
      • select the “my data” tab,
      • select the “edit” option from the menu,
      • in the “Photo” field, click “Browse” and indicate the place where the photo file is located on the local computer,
      • notify the dean’s office (ask for the approval of the photo and preparation of the ID card). If the photo does not meet the formal requirements specified for the ID photo, the system will inform about it with an appropriate message.
        If the student has a problem with inserting the photo, he can write to the following address: describe his problem. The content of the letter should include your name, surname and album number.
    5. I want to change the photo for my ID.
      If for some reason the student wants to insert a new photo on the ID card, he should take into account the additional costs related to printing a duplicate ID card.
      To insert a new photo:

      • send an e-mail to the following address: with a request to remove / reject the previous photo in the system. The content should include your name, surname and album number,
      • after receiving information that the previous photo has been rejected / deleted, log in to your account in the virtual dean’s office and post a new photo,
      • after posting a new photo, notify the dean’s office about it and ask for approval of the new photo and printing of the ID card,
      • check if the photo has been accepted in the eHMS system and pay the fee for printing a duplicate ID card,
      • collect a new ID card at the dean’s office.
    6. Where are my grades visible?
      Ratings are visible in two places:

      • Tab “my plan”, menu option “my classes” – here you can see the grades entered by the teacher.
      • Tab “my studies”, menu option “examination cards” – here you can see grades imported from protocols by an employee of the dean’s office or entered by an employee of the dean’s office based on the dean’s decision.
        It is the student’s responsibility to control the correctness of the grades included in the examination cards and to intervene in the dean’s office in the event of non-compliance (immediately after the session, not at the end of studies).
    7. Where to find didactic materials for the subject published by the lecturer in eHMS?
      The didactic materials in the virtual dean’s office are available in the “my studies” tab, the “didactic materials” menu option. The materials are visible to the student, provided that the student has generated classes in this subject and the person conducting the classes is the person who posted the materials.
      The student can check it in the “my plan” tab, “my classes” menu option. If the classes or the name of the teacher are not visible, the problem should be reported to your dean’s office.

    8. Where can I check if my payment (for dormitory, studies, ID, condition, documents, etc.) has been registered in the system?
      All payment information is visible in the “my finances” tab, the “payments” menu option.
      Additionally, after logging in, information in red about the state of finances is displayed.

    9. Where can I find information about awarded and / or paid scholarships?
      Information on paid benefits (scholarships) is available in the “my finances” tab, the “benefits” menu option.

    10. Where can I find the scholarship decision in eHMS?
      Scholarship decisions can be found in the “my finances” tab, the “benefits” menu option (Information on granted benefits – Printouts). If the decision is signed, it can be downloaded after clicking the icon in the “Download decision” column. The pdf document will open.

    11. What to do to receive scholarship decisions electronically (in eHMS)?
      To receive scholarship decisions in electronic form, click the button in the “my data” tab, menu option “electronic decisions”[Wyrażam zgodę] .

    12. Where can I find information about my grades and attendance?
      Select the “my plan” tab, the “my classes” menu option. To see information on partial grades and attendance, click “+” in the column behind the “Leader” column. The condition for the accessibility of the partial grades and attendance view is that the teacher completes this data.

    13. Where is the information on my grade point average?
      The “my data” tab, in the “information about the course of studies” section.