200th anniversary of the University

The celebration of the 200th anniversary of the university 1816 - 2016 from the Agronomic Institute in Marymont to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Two centuries of tradition

From the Agronomic Institute in Marymont to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

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200th anniversary celebrations

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Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland

Honorary Committee of the 200th anniversary of agricultural education from the Agronomic Institute in Marymont to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Ursynów

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Platinum Partners

  • Grupa Azoty

    Grupa Azoty is the largest Polish and one of the key European groups in the chemical industry. The offer includes recognizable brands of fertilizers, plastics, OXO alcohols, plasticizers, pigments and other chemicals. The Grupa Azoty Group produces modern, top-quality products, which it sells mainly in Poland, and exports mainly to European Union countries.

    In its strategic activities, the Grupa Azoty Group focuses on development, innovation and care for the natural environment. In cooperation with respected scientific and research centers, Grupa Azoty is constantly looking for the latest and most effective technological solutions.

    The Grupa Azoty Group consists of four largest large-scale chemical synthesis plants from Tarnów, Puławy, Police and Kędzierzyn-Koźle and about fifty other entities. The creation of this complex structure was possible thanks to the consolidation strategy implemented over the last years. Currently, the Grupa Azoty Group is focusing on using the achieved scale and synergy potential in its daily operations.

    Grupa Azoty SA has been listed since 2008. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Currently, it belongs to the WIG, WIG30, mWIG40, WIG-Poland indices and the WIG-Chemistry industry index. It also belongs to the portfolio of prestigious MSCI Emerging Markets indices and the FTSE Emerging Markets index. Since 2009 Grupa Azoty SA is continuously listed in the Respect Index, the first CSR index in Central and Eastern Europe. Also, two subsidiaries of Grupa Azoty SA, i.e. Grupa Azoty Police and Grupa Azoty Puławy, are listed on the WSE as separate entities.

  • "Herbapol-Lublin" SA

    “Herbapol-Lublin” SA is a perfect example of combining tradition with modernity. For several decades, the company has enjoyed what is most valuable – the trust of four generations of consumers who appreciate the high quality and taste of the products offered.

    For nearly 67 years of existence on the Polish market, Herbapol has consolidated its image as an expert brand, reaching for the greatest treasures of nature, promoting the idea of a healthy lifestyle, and offering high-quality, natural and, above all, tasty products. Herbapol-Lublin offers stable employment to nearly 463 employees and works for local communities in the Lublin region, Białystok and Mazovia. Over 50% of employees can boast 10 years of work experience, and nearly 30% have been working for over 11 years. Herbapol-Lublin can boast of its own unique system of obtaining raw materials through its own collection points, which supports the natural cultivation of herbs in Poland. It is an absolute sensation on the Polish market. Herbapol also cooperates with enthusiasts of herbal art throughout Poland, who with their great passion infect younger generations by passing them knowledge on the cultivation of herbs and sustainable sourcing of raw materials. The youngest Herbapol herbal instructor has 19 years of experience.

    Herbapol-Lublin is the undisputed leader on the Polish market in the category of fruit syrups, green and herbal teas, as well as red teas. The company’s offer also includes a wide range of fruit, herbal, green and functional teas. The well-known and valued Polish Herbarium Herbapol has been the undisputed leader of the herb market in Poland for years. The market position of Herbapol-Lublin strengthened after the acquisition in 2011 of a competitor Bio-Active (today Big-Active). Since 2014, Herbapol-Lublin has also expanded its portfolio to include jam products.

    Herbapol-Lublin produces jams, preserves and preserves from the best quality varietal Polish fruits from local trusted suppliers. All Tea Garden Herbapol fruit teas are hand-packed. Herbapol cherry jams and preserves are produced from a unique variety of this fruit – Nadwiślanka cherry. Its exceptionally juicy taste and essence create a unique quality confirmed by the “Protected Designation of Origin” mark.

  • Teachers Insurance Agency SA

    Teachers Insurance Agency SA is a company with nearly 20 years of experience, which, according to the old principle “together we can do more”, specializes in building insurance and financial products for the education industry. Customer needs are a priority for the company, therefore, when creating offers, representatives of education and parents’ councils are invited to cooperate.

    The company represents the entire educational industry, therefore it has a strong negotiating position. It conducts market research in search of the best high-quality solutions, conducts price negotiations and on this basis builds the final offer.

    NAU SA was the first to introduce to the market “tailor-made” group life insurance for the educational environment. The program provides a wide range of protection benefits based on the risks that particularly affect the industry. In addition, each of the insured may become a member of the NAUczyciela Club – a program of additional benefits, which guarantees price discounts and special offers in nearly 500 retail and service outlets.

    The company has been distinguished in many independent rankings as financially stable and effectively using its potential for further development and increasing market advantage.

    Investments in modern technologies, successive market expansion and high quality of the offered products have allowed the company to gain the trust of over several hundred thousand customers.

    NAU SA engages in social activities as part of Corporate Social Responsibility through the implementation of the Partnership for Education program. The mission of the program is to improve the quality of education in local communities by providing additional funds and generating measurable savings.

  • PKO Bank Polski

    PKO Bank Polski is a leader in Polish and Central European banking, effectively combining nearly 100 years of tradition with the search for modern solutions. It is a strong business financial institution that is open to innovation and uses the latest technologies. He started extensive work on the preparation of revolutionary biometric solutions, launched a new intuitive iPKO service, improved the IKO mobile application on the basis of which the Polish Payment Standard was created, and the Bank’s project “From IKO to BLIK” won in the prestigious international competition “Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Retail Financial Services.

    PKO Bank Polski is actively involved in promoting science, popularizing knowledge, stimulating creativity and bringing modern technologies closer to society. By creating innovative solutions, it provides easier, safer and faster access to finances. An important role in this broadly understood education is played, among others, by public information and education platform Bankomania.pkobp.pl and unique on the market – Bankowiki.

    The active presence of the Bank is also visible in the academic environment. For years, cooperating with the international organization Enactus, he promotes inventiveness and entrepreneurship. In this year’s edition of the competition, the Bank awarded the innovative SGGW project “Economize” – an application and portal designed to help manage the household budget and learn to save, using elements of gamification.

    The Bank’s activity is based on three pillars: retail, corporate and investment. They are united by a full focus on customer needs and quality delivery in all service channels – traditional (in the country’s largest network of banking branches), electronic and mobile. The strength of PKO Bank Polski is its ability to constantly improve, thanks to which it is able to take full advantage of market opportunities and increase its competitive advantage.

  • Polpharma

    Polpharma is the largest Polish manufacturer of drugs and the leader of the Polish pharmaceutical market. It is active in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. For over 80 years it has been trusted by patients, doctors and business partners.

    Polpharma is one of the 20 largest generic companies in the world. It employs approximately 7,500 people in Poland and on foreign markets. It has 7 production plants in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan, and 7 research and development centers. The company’s portfolio includes around 600 products. Polpharma is also the largest Polish producer of pharmaceutical substances that successfully compete on the highly developed markets of the European Union and the United States.

    The company manufactures prescription and inpatient medicines. It has a leading share in key therapeutic areas in Poland. He specializes in cardiology, gastroenterology and neurology. A significant part of the product portfolio are also over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

    Polpharma is one of the largest investors in research and development in Poland. She took 3. place in this category in the ranking prepared by Dziennik Rzeczpospolita and the Foundation of Economic Patriotism. The company is dynamically developing in the field of biological medicines. In the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, she created one of the most modern laboratories in Europe, where she conducts work on bio-replacement drugs.

    In line with the motto People help people, Polpharma is involved in the development of science, education and health prevention, as well as numerous social activities. In 2001, she established the Polpharma Scientific Foundation, which finances research projects in the field of medicine and pharmacy and runs a scholarship program for talented young scientists.

Silver partners

  • Animex Foods

    Animex Foods is the largest meat company on the Polish market specializing in the production of pork, poultry and processed meat.

    For years, the company has been the leader in exporting meat to international markets, being the undisputed leader in its industry. Animex Foods is also the largest employer in the meat industry, it has 8 meat factories and a feather processing plant located throughout the country.

    Since 1999, it belongs to the world giant Smithfield Foods. From September 2013, Smithfield Foods and thus Animex Foods are part of the global company WH Group – the largest producer of pork in the world.

    The relationship with such an influential investor created the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and information on the global meat market, which are used for the continuous development of the company. Being part of a global group, Animex Foods creates its brand through innovative thinking about business and investments in technology, machinery and equipment for production plants. The production plants slaughter pigs and poultry (chicken, turkey, and goose) as well as produce high-quality fresh meat and processed products with the most famous brands in Poland: Morliny, Krakus, Berlinki, and Morlinki.

    The priority of Animex Foods activity is based on taking care of all aspects of functioning, ensuring the safety and reliability of the product from the resources of the highest quality.

    The constant development of the company is possible thanks to the support of the broadly understood world of science, whose presence in the company’s activities is ensured by constant cooperation with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

  • National forests

    National forests is the largest organization in the European Union managing forests owned by the Treasury. Currently, the State Forests manage almost one third of Poland’s territory. Shortly after the end of World War II, our country’s forest cover was only 21 percent of Poland’s territory. Currently, forests cover over 29.3 percent of the country’s territory. Every year, foresters plant 500 million new trees to keep more forests in Poland. They also make sure that forests are biodiverse. 85 percent of nature reserves in Poland lie within the State Forests. 40 percent of the forests managed by the State Forests are protected under the European Natura 2000 network. At the same time, the State Forests struggle with many threats to which stands are exposed: natural disasters, insect outbreaks, tree diseases, fires, pollution, as well as poaching and vandalism.

    Foresters also ensure that the forest management supplying the market with wood – a universal and ecological raw material, is carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. PGL LP supplies 90% of the wood consumed in the country. Since 1990 consumption of this raw material in Poland has more than doubled (to over 1 m3 per capita). Thanks to the growing resources of timber, Polish forests are able to meet this demand, consistently increasing the supply of wood to the market – from 17 million m3 in 1990. up to 38 million m3 in 2015 Despite such a large harvest, wood resources in Polish forests are constantly growing – in the last 50 years they have doubled, making them the fourth largest resource in the European Union. This allows you to increase the harvest of wood without harming nature.

    In Poland, approx. 300 thousand people, that is, on average, every forty working Pole. The wood processing sector generates approx. 2 percent of GDP and is a showcase of our economy. Among other things, thanks to the wood resources of the State Forests, Poland ranks tenth in the ranking of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world and fourth in the ranking of the largest furniture exporters.

    More than 80% of the timber obtained by the State Forests goes to entrepreneurs, and it is sold through online tenders.

    The State Forests employ over 25,000 people. people within a three-tier organization (430 forest districts, 17 Directorates of Regional State Forests and General Directorate of State Forests). Thus, they are one of the largest employers in Poland.

    They do not use money from the state budget – they are a self-financing entity. Additionally, they support the state budget; In 2015, the State Forests paid PLN 1.5 billion in direct taxes, local taxes and other contributions to the budget and state funds (including PLN 800 million in levies imposed at the end of 2013) and paid PLN 1 billion in VAT.

Brown partners

  • Warsaw Agricultural - Food Wholesale Market

    Warsaw Agricultural – Food Wholesale Market is a joint stock company with a majority share of the State Treasury and a significant (almost 23%) share of Polish producers and distributors.

    Bronisze is the largest wholesale agricultural market in Central and Eastern Europe. Located in the Warsaw agglomeration, in the vicinity of the Konotopa communication junction (Warsaw – Poznań – Berlin). The Bronisze Wholesale Market is not only the primary place to supply the Masovian Voivodeship stores with fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as groceries, it also serves a redistribution function to local and foreign wholesale markets.

    The company records very good financial results and enjoys the trust of customers. The market area is over 62 ha, 42.5 ha of which are currently used by the company. The remaining area is investment land.

    In the halls on the Bronisze Wholesale Market, over 350 entrepreneurs in the food and flower sectors and 70 tenants of the Warsaw Antiques Fair conduct regular commercial activity. The market has 1,300 places for sale from cars. Annually, about 1.5 million cars enter the market, and the estimated sale of fruit and vegetables is 1.2 million tons. Over 2,000 people found employment in the Bronisze Wholesale Market. The company, aware of the importance of its impact, engages in philanthropic activities, supports many charity campaigns, supporting children from poor families in rural environments. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), employee volunteering is carried out.

    The quality of the services provided by the company is systematically improved. Introduction of the Integrated Management System: ISO 9001: 2008 – quality management, ISO 22000: 2005 – food safety management (HACCP), ISO 14001: 2004 – environmental management increased the company’s prestige. This strengthened the company’s position on the domestic and international market.

  • Ecovis System Rewident Sp. o.o.

    Ecovis System Rewident Sp. o.o. is a reliable advisor, providing comprehensive audit, accounting and tax services at the highest level. By combining experience with innovation, we provide clients with reliable and credible information that increases their efficiency.

    We have been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years, we are part of the international Ecovis network, operating on the market of auditing, legal, economic, tax and bookkeeping services in many European countries, as well as in Asia and the USA.

    We are a member of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We are also the leader – the coordinator of the Mazowieckie Cluster of Audit and Consulting.

    We provide services in the field of:

    • auditing financial statements,
    • keeping and reviewing accounting books,
    • HR and payroll services,
    • tax consultancy,
    • economic consulting,
    • EU projects,
    • inventory,
    • obligatory training.