• “FREEDOM STARTS WITH YOUR MIND” - The Kosciuszko Foundation Grant Program for Ukrainian Scientists

    The Kosciuszko Foundation is starting a new grant program for academics from Ukraine who due to Russian invasion are located in Poland and thus are unable to continue their academic work in Ukraine.

    The program’s aim is to provide individuals who can’t return to their homeland and therefore continue their academic work with support. The grants will facilitate the resumption of their work through a research project carried out in Poland.

    The addressees of the program are scientists from Ukraine who have both Ukrainian citizenship and at least a PhD degree. To obtain the grant one must meet a condition of being an employee or a co-researcher of either a Ukrainian university or other research unit and provide the necessary documents. The research project described in an application must be carried out in cooperation with either a Polish university or research institution.

    A one-time grant of 10 000 PLN will be awarded based on an application to the program in a form, which includes:

    – individual’s CV attached

    – candidate’s academic work description

    – description of research project that is to be realized in Poland

    – a scan of a letter or e-mail from research supervisor or co-worker from Polish university or research unit that confirms the willingness of cooperation in the project.

    Applications must be filled out in Polish or English.

    The Kosciuszko Foundation accepts candidates’ applications continuously.

    For more information, please email (in Polish or English).