Szlachetna Paczka – pomagamy razem

As every year, our Doctoral School takes part in Szlachetna PACZKA
The collection of gifts for Agata's family will last until December 10, 2021 at the Doctoral School Office.
We encourage everyone to support. Together we can do a lot! 
"For 5 years, Agata's family has been struggling with a disability. Before the birth of the children, it functioned normally, both spouses worked and their situation looked good. The problem of the family is the disability of three children. The costs of treatment are very high, so the family saves on everything. in foundations and other organizations. The family income is PLN 6791, while the amount they incur in connection with the maintenance and treatment is PLN 3979. After all expenses are deducted, PLN 352 is left for one family member. "
More information can be found on the collection website